Techno India Group – Posing a New Face of Corporate Social Responsibility

Globalization has transformed India into an important base for production, manufacturing and service industry. As the world is becoming more and more concerned about labour and environmental standards in the developing countries, Indian companies need to pay a close attention to comply with the international standards.
These days, the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer limited to donations and charity events only. Many other organizations are doing those jobs for the society. The basic objective of CSR today is to maximize the company's overall impact on the society and stakeholders. CSR policies, practices and programmes are being comprehensively integrated by an increasing number of companies throughout their business operations and processes. A growing number of corporate feel that CSR is not just another form of indirect expense but is important for protecting the goodwill and reputation and increasing business competitiveness. Techno India Group, being a frontrunner in the field of Education has always been beside the meritorious, yet economically challenged students in pursuance of their dreams. It’s worth mentioning that TIG not only offers helping hands to the students studying in the schools run by the Group, but to those from other institutions as well. With this noble cause in mind, Techno India Foundation Trust has been established. TIFT is a charitable trust registered with the Government of West Bengal working for the transformation and development of society through eradication of illiteracy, superstition and social evils. The said trust’s activities include establishing and running educational & vocational training institutions, creating public awareness about health, hygiene, sanitation, environmental pollution, establishing social engineering centres in rural & urban areas etc. So far eighteen students have been benefitted under this scheme. TIG is organizing Medha Ratna Utsav every year to encourage the toppers in different Board Examinations, hailing from North Bengal. Along with them, school students from the financially backward section of the society are awarded scholarships.
TIG is determined to work for the development of art & culture of Bengal. We regularly patronize painters through art camps. TIG organized a much acclaimed workshop Mallar, involving quite a number of front-ranking artists at SSVAD, a centre of visual arts founded by the eminent painter Jogen Chowdhury at Santiniketan. It was a goodwill gesture on its part to patronize SSVAD. With the responsibility of protecting heritage, TIG has already come up with a comprehensive plan for reviving Baitanik, established by Shri Soumendranath Tagore in 1948. An art exhibition has been organized in the gallery as well as an art camp on the sprawling lawn of the heritage house.


Damini, a truly humanitarian documentation of the Delhi gang rape was published in the book fair in 2013. As written by Mr. Satyam Roychowdhury, Managing Director of Techno India Group, Damini proved to be a best-seller and the entire amount collected from the selling of the book has been donated to the younger brother of the victim for his education.
TIG always patronizes the folk culture of Bengal. The organization was one of the prime sponsors of the Folk Festival held in Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.
TIG is closely related to Bengal Oncology Foundation, an organization established by eminent oncologists, engaged in fighting against cancer through integrated campaign in schools & colleges all through West Bengal. Cancer patients & survivors regularly get aid as well as advice free of cost from this foundation. TIG has already initiated Kolkata for Kolkata, a forum ensuring better living for the senior citizens, especially from the economically challenged section of the society. Health Cards are being issued for free medical check- ups.
TIG believes in the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose - only the youth force can change a nation. So we have established Prerona, an orphanage at Bishnupur, Bankura for sheltering boys in distress.
TIG is striving to make a significant difference in the society and improve the overall quality of life. All corporate companies should try to bring about a change in the current social situation in India in order to have an effective and lasting solution to the prevailing evils. Partnerships between companies, NGOs and the government should be facilitated so that a combination of their skills can initiate extensive social change that will ultimately put the socio-economic development of India on a faster track.

It’s been a long journey of thirty years, and bit by bit the empire was built the way sand castles are built against mighty waves. But it has stood the tides of time and evolved stronger with every passing year. Techno India Group was established in the year 1985, with the ambition of thriving knowledge and developing educational institutes in West Bengal. It primarily strengthened its emphasis on Science and Engineering, but gradually it expanded into Management, Medicine, and other key areas like Information and Communication Technology, Nanotechnology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Food Technology, Construction Technology, Architecture, Biomedical Technology, Paramedical Sciences, Management Sciences, Sports Technology and Media Science. Techno India Group has evolved into the largest educational conglomerate of Eastern India and is committed to maintain high standards in providing quality education.